Light Stream Wand System Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is PEMF scientifically proven?
Yes, there are thousands of scientific studies that prove pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits to humans. You can read about them here.
2. Can this system heal me from my disease?
This system is a meditation enhancement device and is not intended to heal, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. It is has not been evaluated by the FDA.

3. What is the price?

We actually have a variety of different products that can be used for different situations, so it really depends what you’re looking for. Tell us your situation and what you are looking to accomplish, so that we can guide you to the resources that make most sense for your situation.

4. Do you offer financing?

Yes, to apply just click here

5.  How does the Light Stream technology work? 

The Light Stream™ System combines 5 powerful health technologies into one: Rife Machine Frequencies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), Phase-Conjugation Electromagnetic Vortex Fields, Piezoelectric Ruby, Tourmaline, Quartz Ions, and Quantum Restructuring Waveforms. All of these combined allows a comprehensive transfer of energy waves that changes the way your body copes with any illness.
Combined, this technology allows you to deal with different areas of concern all over your body on a cellular level, by providing multiple frequencies at any given time. With your own personalizations and the ability to even input your own frequencies.
We actually hosted a webinar that goes into further detail on how this technology has been used to aid a variety of different health conditions, as well as create an optimal health state for many people like yourself. 

5. Do you have practitioners / physical office where I could try the device?

Yes, we do. But as I'm sure you understand, we value our client's privacy so we are not allowed to provide their contact info.
However, you can send your details instead and we can forward it to them.
As for the physical office, we do not have it yet. All orders/ transactions are processed online.
In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything.

6. If I order today, when will I receive it?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for product crafting as everything is handmade and 1-2 weeks for shipment.

7. What else do I need aside from the wand?

Aside from the Light Stream Wand, you will need the Light Stream console or any device that could play mp3 to play the frequencies. Also, you will need the amplifier.

Here’s the link to our recommended one:

8. Why is there a waiting list?

To maintain the finest health product quality standards, we have decided to keep production local rather than source to an overseas manufacturer. We use only our in-house Jewelers who have at least 25 years experience craft our Light Stream Wands and other devices to ensure their precision and reliability. Therefore, there is a limit to how many wands can be crafted and made available for purchase each month. The demand however has been increasing rapidly therefore we have incorporated a waiting list so that each person will have a fair chance of getting a wand or device.

9. How long is the waiting list?

We don’t have an accurate estimate of the wait time to get your wand or device. Usually, it’s a 4-6 week wait or sometimes longer. Occasionally, we may have a boost in production and the wait be may as short as 3 weeks, but there are no guarantees. If you have an emergency, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

10. What is it for?

The wand is meant for use on the body, it’s more portable and can be held and directed to specific parts and chakras of the body. Also, it has ruby and tourmaline gems that are beneficial for health. You can use Rife and quantum frequencies with it.
The coil can broadcast a signal through an entire house, and is intended for general health with quantum frequencies and shielding. Not intended for rife frequencies.

There is more windings at the back of the wand, that’s why the field is stronger.
The wand is effective within 3 feet of any part of the wand.
The coil has field that stretches 75 ft.up tp 100 feet in diameter.

11. How do I use the device?

Once you've connected your Light Stream Wand System correctly, simply play David Sereda's frequencies, or Rife Frequencies through the system.
Sit and lie down in a relaxed position, and hold/place the wand in front of you.
Let it run for anywhere from 5min to 2 hours depending on your time. (Some users actually sleep with their wands).
While using the wand, make sure you are not distracted or in a bad mood. playing relaxing music or meditating while doing light stream therapy may enhance the effects.

Other FAQs
Does it really cure cancer?

We are not allowed to claim that it cures cancer. However, we can say our customers have used it for 3 months and their cancer markers were almost non-existent when they were tested again after the 3 months.

Does it really cure lyme disease or a specific disease I have now?

Same as above.

How long does it last?

It has no moving parts, so unless you you drop it forcefully, it will not stop working. So we offer 1 year warrantee on parts and labor on the wand.

If it is such a powerful device, how come it doesn't cost more?

Actually, we could and should charge 3-4 times more than the current price, based on what this device can do. But we want to make the device available to more people, so we have kept the price low. However, due to high demand we are not able to keep up with the manufacturing, so will be increasing the price soon to expand our manufacturing facilities.

Can I use my own frequencies?

Yes you can, however, we must warn you that you do so at your own risk. Using improper frequencies can cause serious mental, physical and spiritual harm. We suggest using only David Sereda's unique frequencies and sound files.

Does it come with everything I need?

Yes, the Light Stream Wand comes with the following:
Light Stream Wand
Carrying Case
Frequency Starter Pack (download)
Basic Training Materials (online)

*Amplifier is not included, you must use your own amplifier. 
Or purchase one like this one:

If you purchased the wand, choose the 350 Watt Version
If you purchased the coil, choose any version up to 750 Watts.

And get the necessary connections:
XLR Male Audio Cable

Will I get training?

Yes, you will get basic training on how to get started to use your wand right away! For example, you will get audio or video training on:
-How to connect your Light Stream Wand System
-How to know if your light wand is working
-A quick start basic wand treatment routine
-How to take care of your Light Stream Wand and more!

Why is it expensive?

It will be expensive only if you do not value your health or life experience. You can always make more money, but you cannot get back your life if your health and the quality of your life experience suffers.
The average cost for surgery in USA is $39,891. Average 8 Week Chemotherapy Treatment is over $30,000. Light stream wand users have been able to avoid these invasive procedures and would be more than happy to pay many times the price that they paid for their wand.
Actually, it is not expensive compared to devices that claim to do the same thing like the BioCharger system (price $11,950).

Where is it made?

The Light Stream Wand is constructed by hand in the USA by jewellers.

Does it work in my country? Will it be at the proper voltage?

The Light Stream Wand is not an electrical device, it is passive. However, the tube amplifier that it needs to be connected to needs to be plugged in for electricity. We will send you the proper voltage amplifier based on your destination country. (Ie. 120V for USA/Canada, 230V for Australia/UK)
Here is the complete chart:
If you would like a different voltage than the country where we are shipping your wand, please let us know when your place your order.

If it works so well, why not give it for free?

One day, we aim to be able to offer treatments for free. However, in the meantime, it costs too much money, time, expertise, research & development, personnel and resources to manufacture, distribute, offer servicing, and provide training for the Light Stream Wand to be able to give it away for free.

What diseases and ailments does it help?

We do not make any claims, however, over the past 8 years, we've had users use it for a large variety of applications.

  • For serious cases of kidney cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer
  • Lyme disease
  • Arthritis, rotator cuff tears, back pain, joint pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, bone problems
  • Pet cancer (dogs, cats)
  • We have a list of 10,000+ rife frequencies

The possibilities are endless!

How do I get more training on how to use the Wand most effectively?

To get the most out of your wand, we recommend a good diet, healthy supplements and also emotional release.  Join David Sereda's inner circle to get this training.

Is it safe to use my credit card to purchase on your site?

Yes we use the latest encryption and highest security standards for credit card processing on all purchases on our site.

How long does it take to get one?

We are currently backordered, because they need to be hand-made one at a time.  It actually takes our fabricator 1 full day to make 1 wand.  So if you order now, it may take 4 weeks to get your wand. 

The good news is that once you get your wand, you would be able to use it everyday for the rest of your life.  The bad news is that demand is increasing and the backorder list is getting longer, so please place your order sooner than later.

Anything else I need to know?

This product is not intended for someone who is not searching for alternative ways of healing.  Now that more people are talking about the incredible successes of our Light Stream Therapy, there's also more negative and discrediting media from health "authorities" and bureaucracies.  If you believe in the government-backed conventional methods of healing, then we will not stop you from going that route.  But if you tried everything else and nothing is working for you and you are skeptical of the conventional western medicine approach of "Cut, Burn or Poison", then the Light Stream Wand System might be the answer that you have been looking for.

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